What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny Girl

Again, no pictures!  And I'm really sorry because this would mean more with pictures.

Corrie and Ben and I had such a good day.  We hung out at home all morning, then Corrie went out for lunch and a park playdate with her friend Zoe.  Most of our time at home was spent doing laundry, reading books, and playing games on PBSKids.org.  Corrie is a great helper, and she loves to do laundry with me. 

But what she really loves ... is dressing up.  While I folded clothes, Corrie put together her outfit for today:
  • blue striped tights
  • pink Hello Kitty socks
  • black pants
  • flowery pink skirt
  • blue Hello Kitty jumper
  • orange polka dot dress
  • Tinkerbell sneakers
And she wore it ALL day long.  I suggested that wearing all those clothes would make it difficult to use the potty, but she didn't care.  What's a little discomfort when one's goal is high fashion?

Just to show off Corrie's sense of style, here she is at "Meet the Teacher" day at her preschool.  So glamorous!

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  1. I love her! What a sense of style. She's going to be a fashion designer :)

  2. I love Corrie! I was telling Nancy the other day that if I ever have children, I want 3 girls. And I told her that I want a girl just like Corrie. She is so precious and cute. She is super sweet, she's just an amazing little girl. And yes, she absolutely LOVES dress up. I still remember that Kodak moment at Tony's last month when she dressed up in the wedding dress & danced with Emmett, saying she wanted to marry him. How cute! :) ♥