What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Self Feeding

Ben has been attempting to feed himself yogurt.

 He gets the general idea.  However, I cannot confirm that any yogurt actually made it in his mouth.  The spoon made it to his mouth, but the yogurt ended up in many other places.  :)  After a thorough washing, I'm still finding dried bits of yogurt in his ears.  We'll do another bath tonight.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fx4 2012: BFFs

We spent Sunday evening relaxing at Ann and Jon's house. 

 There was a climbing structure, a kiddie pool, yummy snacks and good company.

After playing outside for a while, the kids built marble runs.  The adults talked and relaxed.

One of the best parts of this vacation was introducing Ben to our Chicago people.  We are surrounded by supportive people in the RGV - we've got a parents support group, and our church and MOPS have been fantastic.  However, we don't have much history with friends in the Valley.
Ann, on the other hand, has known me since I was 18.  She was my post-college roommate, maid of honor and giver of Evan's baby shower.  She's known me through my entire relationship with Emmett, my dad's death, and my inner city move.  She's walked with me through a lot.

I've talked to Ann several times since Ben was born; she's been a sounding board for my concerns and fears.  She bought me a copy of Babies With Down Syndrome - and then got a copy for herself.  When I told her I was reading A Good and Perfect Gift by Amy Julia Becker, she got that book as well.  She made the effort to walk through Ben's first year with me, even from a great distance.

I'm thankful for the way she loves me - whether we are near or far.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fx4: Back in the 'Hood

Still recapping ...

Saturday night, I got to hang out with two of my friends from our church in Chicago.  They came over and talked to me while Emmett went out for dinner (Korean BBQ) with some of the guys.  I don't have any pictures, but it did my heart good to have a long talk with Anita and Ruth.  I think there's something special about the friends you make when you first become a mom.  Parenting is a stretching, life-changing experience - and walking through those early mommyhood decisions together creates a bond.

Sunday, we visited Good News.  Ahhhhh ... it felt like coming home.  We were able to hang out with some friends after church for a while.  We left Chicago for Texas three years before.  Evan was four and Corrie was one and a half. 

And these two little ones hadn't been born yet!

Then we visited our old house.  The old home.  The oooooolllllddddd home.  (Shout out to Gold in the Hills).

The kitchen was renovated after we moved.  This was our first chance to see the new cabinets and countertops.  I'm so jealous!  It didn't look anywhere this nice when we lived there.


Someone fell asleep in the middle of her snack the other day.

Someone else thought that snack looked mighty yummy.

The second someone has been working on his creeping skills.

And practicing his innocent expression.  Who, me?  What apple?

He's a mischief-maker, for sure.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fx4: More Chicago

Back in the day ... when Emmett had just started grad school and we bought a house ... one of our friends from college moved in with us.  Sam is a great guy and a good friend.  He lived with us while I was pregnant and for the first two years of Evan's life.  We were all thrilled (and a little sad) when Sam met a sweet girl, got married and moved out.

We made a point to see Sam and his family while we were in Chicago.  Where better to go than ...

Woo hoo!  We had dim sum.  Delicious.  Evan ate his weight in shumai.

I asked Emmett to take a picture of the group - and to make sure he included the Chinese characters from the store window.  Otherwise, how would anyone know we were in Chinatown?

He did manage to get the letters, but he chopped off the babies. 

Fortunately, a kind passerby offered to take a photo of all of us together.  No characters.  :)

 We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out downtown.  Sam brought gifts.  Lincoln Logs for Corrie.

And Nerf guns for Evan and Emmett.

It was war.  Sam and Corrie vs. Evan and Emmett.

I think it was a tie.

Meanwhile, the little ones enjoyed getting to know each other.

We also spent some time in Millennium Park with friends that morning. 

Evan and Isabel were great friends from ages one to three.  I babysat her one day a week for two years.  It was so good to see her all grown up!

Evan's hanging out at the Bean in these pictures.  I didn't get a big picture, but it's a sculpture called Cloud Gate;  it's basically a big jellybean with a mirrored surface. 

Then we played at the water park.  These faces change expressions, and when the person purses his/her lips, a fountain of water "spits" out.  

 It was so good to catch up!

 I am really trying to get through our trip recap ... I plan to make a travel photo book one of these days, but it's nice to have it all written down somewhere.   :)