What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fx4: More Chicago

Back in the day ... when Emmett had just started grad school and we bought a house ... one of our friends from college moved in with us.  Sam is a great guy and a good friend.  He lived with us while I was pregnant and for the first two years of Evan's life.  We were all thrilled (and a little sad) when Sam met a sweet girl, got married and moved out.

We made a point to see Sam and his family while we were in Chicago.  Where better to go than ...

Woo hoo!  We had dim sum.  Delicious.  Evan ate his weight in shumai.

I asked Emmett to take a picture of the group - and to make sure he included the Chinese characters from the store window.  Otherwise, how would anyone know we were in Chinatown?

He did manage to get the letters, but he chopped off the babies. 

Fortunately, a kind passerby offered to take a photo of all of us together.  No characters.  :)

 We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out downtown.  Sam brought gifts.  Lincoln Logs for Corrie.

And Nerf guns for Evan and Emmett.

It was war.  Sam and Corrie vs. Evan and Emmett.

I think it was a tie.

Meanwhile, the little ones enjoyed getting to know each other.

We also spent some time in Millennium Park with friends that morning. 

Evan and Isabel were great friends from ages one to three.  I babysat her one day a week for two years.  It was so good to see her all grown up!

Evan's hanging out at the Bean in these pictures.  I didn't get a big picture, but it's a sculpture called Cloud Gate;  it's basically a big jellybean with a mirrored surface. 

Then we played at the water park.  These faces change expressions, and when the person purses his/her lips, a fountain of water "spits" out.  

 It was so good to catch up!

 I am really trying to get through our trip recap ... I plan to make a travel photo book one of these days, but it's nice to have it all written down somewhere.   :)

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