What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How a Super Flexible Baby Sits Up

After a week of silence, I am back on the blog.  Did you miss me?

What have we been up to?  I had a MOPS fundraiser on Saturday that consumed me for several days … I’m still trying to wrap up everything from the Community Market.  Evan had soccer, Corrie had ballet, and Ben started PT at a local therapy center.  Emmett’s been working hard.

I was looking through pictures and videos on the camera and I found a recent video of Ben that I haven't shared.  Check this out - and watch how he swings his legs around to sit up:

Ben has just started physical therapy again - after a 4 month hiatus - because Early Intervention lost their PT and I couldn't find a therapist locally that would accept private insurance.  (There are probably several therapy centers that do accept private insurance, but I was busy and easily discouraged, so I made several calls, got grumpy and quit trying for a while).

During those 4 months, Ben learned to army crawl and sit up and get back down on his own.  Yay, buddy!

However, he totally sits up the wrong way.  The therapist is teaching Ben to keep his legs together and push himself up from the side.  Wearing hip helpers encourages this.  One of our new therapists (we have a new OT as well) commented that Ben would learn how to do things, but he would figure out how to do them the easy way, so we have to make sure we help him learn the right way.

I would post a video of Ben learning to sit up with the hip helpers on, but right now that involves a lot of complaining.  :)

Even if he's not moving right, he's enjoying his new freedom of movement.  And so am I!  He loves to get into things.  Paper:

The media cabinet:

And his daddy's backpack:

Note the hip helpers in that last picture.

Ben is growing up!  We're so proud of how he is learning and growing. 


  1. Too cute! That is the way Hailey learned to sit up first, too. It was actually in the bathtub. It didn't take her long to start doing it "right". Way to go, Ben! Doing great!!!

    1. I can't believe all he is doing since I saw him last! I love this little guy!