What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer. Week Two.

Not much to report from this week.  

We've been trying to take a little time every day to draw, write, read and do math.  We picked up some summer bridge books for the kids from Lakeshore Learning.  I highly recommend the journals.  We got this one for Evan and this one for Corrie.  Corrie has been eager to draw and write in her journal every day.  Evan, not so much.  He's been enthusiastic about math, though.

Since we were traveling at the beginning of the month, we got into a fast food and sandwiches groove.  This week, we tried to break out of that.  I cooked and froze several pounds of pinto beans, baked and froze my favorite banana chocolate chip muffins, and then made homemade pitas and cashew chicken curry on Thursday.  After cooking all week, we've eaten leftovers all weekend.  Thankfully, we have plans to go out for lunch tomorrow!

The kids got to go bowling twice this week, thanks to kidsbowlfree.com

In other news, Ben has had a persistent cough all week.  I've been using the nebulizer every day - sometimes several times a day - but it didn't seem to be going away.  I finally gave in and took him to the doctor on Friday afternoon.  He got a prescription for a nebulized steroid, plus an antibiotic for his ears.  Already, he seems better.

Big news in the Ben department: no more bottle!  I know, I know, he's almost TWO.  The bottle should have been gone long ago.  He just didn't seem to totally get the straw, and I didn't push it.  However, I noticed a small tear when I washed the nipple yesterday, so I decided we would just have to be done.   He did great today, but I don't think he drank as much as usual.  I'll have to keep an eye on his fluid intake.

No pictures from this week, but here's one from the park a month ago ... just after Ben ate a banana chocolate chip muffin.  :)

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  1. The pic made me smile. :) Yay for no bottle :)