What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Boys Are Different Than Girls


Today I got a call from the school right at 3 p.m.  I wondered if Evan had missed the bus or if I had forgotten a club meeting today.  Instead, the school nurse was on the phone.  She informed me that Evan had vomited in the restroom several times and then again in the classroom.

He went to the nurse’s office but since it was already the end of the school day, she just sent him home on the bus and gave me a call.

I could just imagine how embarrassed Evan must feel – I always hated getting sick at school.  I waited in front of our house for the bus to arrive.  Would my poor boy arrive with a look of shame on his face?  Would he be sweaty and pale? 

The bus pulled up.  Evan and the neighbor boys tumbled out.  Was he drooping?  No.  Pale?  Nope.  Fatigued?  Not really.

He sat on the couch and told me all about it.  He threw up 3 times in the bathroom and then threw up (“A LOT!” – he exclaimed enthusiastically) in the classroom trashcan.  I rubbed his back and made him a comfy spot on the couch.

“You know what the good news is, Mom?”

“What, honey?”

“I totally beat Luis’ record!  He threw up five times in one DAY, but I threw up four times in an HOUR!”

I guess when you’re an 8 year-old boy, that is good news.

Fortunately, he hasn’t had any stomach problems since he came home, and he doesn’t have a fever.  I’m hoping that whatever was bothering him is out of his system now. 

And I did ask if he and Luis had discussed the vomiting record PRIOR to Evan’s amazing feat.  I wouldn’t put it past him to rise to the challenge, if someone suggested it.  He has a real competitive streak.

He said that the subject didn’t come up until later.  (Whew.  I could just imagine the parent/teacher conference if he had been vomiting on purpose).


When we picked Emmett up from work, both big kids were talking at the same time.   

Corrie was happy to see her Dad:  “Dad, could you tell me a high and low of your day?  Or a mad and sad?”

After Emmett answered Corrie’s question, he turned to Evan.  “What did you want to say, Evan?”

“I just had one question.  What is 15 times 300?”  

(I think he had been thinking about buying some special airship in a computer game).

Boys and girls are different.


  1. Ruthie and kevin had some stomach issue too. Hope it wasnt the banana pudding. I knew i shouldnt have trusted the meringue. Glad he's better!

    1. I'm sure it wasn't the banana pudding. :) Hope Ruthie and Kevin are feeling better!