What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A List: Christmas Activities

Here's what our family has been doing this month:

1.  Playing with our Nativity scenes (both plastic and ceramic):

2.  Having a special mommy/daughter date to see The Nutcracker (note Corrie's ballerina pose):

3.  Watching Corrie perform in her preschool Christmas program.

Mom Photographer Fail:  We weren't allowed to take pictures during the program, so I took one of Ben while we were waiting for it to start, and I got a quick photo of Corrie and Emmett in the parking lot after it was over.  That's it.

4.  Having a mommy/son date with Evan to see A Christmas Carol.

5.  Finding a lovely tree AND tree stand.

6.  Turning off all the downstairs lights and sitting by the tree for evening carols and prayer.

7.  Reading Christmas books.

8.  Singing Christmas carols in the car.

9.  Renting cheesy kids Christmas movies from Redbox.

10.  Making a fun handprint decoration.

We have not:
- baked any Christmas cookies
- driven around to see Christmas lights
- put UP any Christmas lights outside
- had any hot chocolate
- looked at our Advent calendar every day

Another recurring event this month:  I cannot for the life of me remember to make and bring snacks.  I sign up for things, and then- if I don't write it down - it doesn't happen.  I have so far forgotten the following items:  an "R" themed snack for Corrie's preschool, a veggie tray for the preschool Christmas lunch (that I purchased and left sitting at home on the kitchen counter), and a dessert for the ladies' dessert social at church.  I did remember to bring the cornbread dressing to our small group Christmas party, though.  :)

I am hopeful that we will get to some of the items in the "have not" category over the weekend.


  1. LOL- on Tuesday as I picked up Ava from school at 3:30pm, I thought "better run by Phin's classroom and check the snack list. I must have snack sometime soon, I bet it's Thursday." (Phin goes to preschool T and TH mornings.) We swung by his classroom where the snack list is posted outside the door...it was Tuesday, Dec. 11. Guess when my name was on the snack list- Tuesday 12/11. I had missed it- completely. Phin didn't even tell me...so when I asked him he said, 'Mrs. O just got some extra snacks out of the closet, it's okay, mommy." Grr...I guess I'll buy some snacks for the "extra closet";)

    1. Ha! Kim, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. :)