What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Backyard Nativity

Recently, I realized that my kids were not going to be in any Nativity play or skit this year.  When I was a kid, our church did a kids' Christmas program every year ... and we went Christmas caroling ... and the choir did a Christmas cantata.  I loved all those fun activities!  And I learned about Christmas - the baby Jesus and all the details of his arrival.

So ... the weekend before Christmas ... I thought we could just invite some friends over to do our own Nativity play - no rehearsal, no preparations (who has time?), we would just wing it.  Ha!  In retrospect, I may have been a little ambitious.  We had seven families - 38 people - 12 adults and 16 children (from 3 weeks to 8 years old) come to our house for a backyard Nativity.  I typed up the Scriptures and selected some carols, then cut out some angel wings and kings' crowns from poster board.

God bless my wonderful, patient friends, who are willing to go along with my crazy ideas.  It was CHAOS.  But so fun!

Here are our sweet angels:

Here is our Mary, with her darling little one.  He was the perfect baby Jesus!  And here I am, either reading Scripture, singing a carol, or telling everybody what to do.  :)


 The wise men:

Some assembly required.  The wings and crowns needed work.  And one of the other moms brought a fun Christmas tree craft:

Here you see the angel making his announcement to the shepherds, and the wise men on their journey to find the newborn king:

The wise men and the shepherds arrive.

Everyone worships together.

Some questions you may be asking:

 (1) Why was Evan an angel?  Once I mentioned that we would be re-enacting the story of Jesus' birth, he kept asking to be the angel who gave the good news to the shepherds.  I think he wanted a speaking part!  Plus, he knows those verses - and he loves the song Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.

(2) Why does Corrie need a cuddle?  Poor Corrie wasn't feeling very well.  She started the day with lots of energy and enthusiasm, but crashed toward the end of the show. 

(3)  Where is sweet Ben?  Taking a nap!  He was supposed to be a sheep with his one year old buddy, Liam, but my sleeping beauty missed the whole play.  He woke up later for snacks.  :)

Overall, it was a fun night.  It was great to hang out with friends, and the kids enjoyed dressing up and acting.  I would do it again.  

I hope that by acting it out - by hearing and doing the words - the great story of Scripture will sink into my kids' hearts and my heart.  Christ's humility in being born a baby, in a stable - and also God's design and glorious plan - prophecy, angels, a star(!), royal gifts from wise men.  It is beautiful and amazing!  

Even when it's told in someone's backyard by kids wearing their dad's Tshirts, old blankets and poster board crowns.  :)


  1. This is amazing and something those families will remember and appreciate for a long time to come. What a wonderful way to please our Lord.

  2. Thanks for hosting! It was so much fun and one of my favorite things we did this christmas. Can't wait till next year!