What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

This afternoon, the kids and I had a playdate with a new friend. She lives in my town and her little boy has Down syndrome. He's 18 months old and ADORABLE. Ben napped through most of the playdate, so Corrie did most of the playing from our side. And I got to talk and ask questions of another mom. It was wonderful.

Thanks to Early Intervention, we have a list of about 5 other local families who have kids with Down syndrome, and we're hoping to do a big family playdate on March 21st - World Down syndrome Day. I am excited to meet these moms, dads and kids!

I have appreciated connecting with other moms and families online - via facebook and babycenter.com, but there is something special about knowing people in real life. Finally: someone to answer my questions about pediatricians, ENTs, therapy, local schools! These families have no idea what they are getting themselves into ... I have a LOT of questions.

Obligatory picture of cute baby - he loves his feet lately. And prunes. We are thankful for prunes. :)

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  1. Of course...it is obligated! He is adorable!!! Yes, we are quite thankful for prunes here too!