What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Plague

We are down for the count. Fortunately, no one has strep or the flu, but we all have something yucky. Evan's coughing is out of control - he's on the nebulizer 3x/day, plus taking allergy meds and steroids. Corrie's got a fever and sore throat - she's on an antibiotic and Mucinex. Emmett and I both have sinus junk. And Ben is the champ - hanging in there with no cold sickness yet!

We are praying that he stays clear of all this yuck. A heart problem and respiratory sickness are not a good combination.

And still no photos. I really have to look for that battery charger! Not that anyone would want to see photos of all us sick people.

Here's another cutie Ben photo, just for kicks:

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  1. Poor Tomais! I hope everyone gets better soon, and that Ben stays healthy. He is so adorable! I hope you all get time to snuggle up with some good movies. My girls are currently into watching "Arthur" -- available on Netflix instant play!