What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Our Mother's Day tradition is that I get to take a NAP.  This started nine years ago, when Evan was not quite four months old.  I was tired with standard new mommy exhaustion.  And I told Emmett that all I wanted to do was take a nap on Sunday afternoon and not wake up when the baby did.  And my darling husband made it happen.  We all took a nap, and when Evan woke up, I rolled over, slugged Emmett, and gratefully eased back into sleep.  Precious rest.

Since then, I have taken at least a short nap on Mother's Day every year.  Eventually, I probably won't need a nap, but since I still have children waking up during the night, I do look forward to a sweet afternoon of uninterrupted napping.

This year, I didn't quite get the nap I expected.  :)

I went to bed a little early on Saturday, then Ben woke up at midnight and needed a new diaper.  A few hours later (2:30 or so), I woke up to find Evan standing next to the bed - he was covered in vomit.  Poor guy.  I helped him into the shower, cleaned up his bed, found a bowl, and made a pallet on the floor in our room.

At 6:30, Evan woke up vomiting again.  It was good we had the bowl.  I woke up Emmett, cleaned up Evan, threw the other sheets in the wash, and then invoked my Mother's Day sleeping privileges and sent Emmett downstairs with our oldest.  Thank you, husband.  He got up with all three kids while I caught up on sleep.

After I got out of bed at NINE, we had a low key day.  Evan was feeling awful, so we all hung out at home.  Emmett graded papers, we watched the Spurs game, I did laundry.  It was sad for Evan because it stinks to be sick, but ... the rest of us enjoyed a nice, slow family day. 

We've been rushed with activities lately;  it was replenishing to spend time together.


So we've actually spent a lot of time together since Sunday. 

Evan stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday.  This morning, Ben woke up with a fever and vomiting, and by bedtime, Corrie was feeling pretty warm.  The kids and I have been lounging around and watching TV while eating crackers and sipping ginger ale or Gatorade. 

Fortunately, Evan started bouncing around this evening - I think he'll be back at school tomorrow. 

Ben and Corrie won't be having any playdates for another couple of days ... but I'm going to try to enjoy these quiet days at home with my little ones.  Hopefully there will be lots of snuggling and much less vomit.

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  1. Yay for lots of snuggles...boo for illness. I hope the little ones feel better soon!