What we did and when we did it. Sometimes.

What we did and when we did it. Sometimes. People, places and events to remember.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sick Kids

Ben has had a cold or stomach bug or ear infection or sinusitis or teething or something since October.  They have not been the same sickness ... and they come and go with breaks as long as a week or as short as a day.

In October, Corrie had strep.  I had Ben checked out when she received the diagnosis and antibiotics.  Nope, just a cold.  When Corrie went back 10 days later for her follow-up, I had him checked out again.  Still a cold.  By the next week, he woke up gasping for breath one night and I took him to the E.R.  Verdict: he gagged on some mucous.  (Ew.)  When I followed up with our pediatrician, Ben received a nebulizer, antibiotics and eventually a steroid.

Then there was the week of diarrhea and vomiting.

Later, more sniffles.  Coughing.  Nebulizer!

Eventually, diagnosed with sinusitis and something I can't remember, plus a probable ear infection.

Did I mention the teething?  Two teeth arrived in the middle of all the runny noses and general whiny-ness.

On the first of January, he had a cough that he couldn't quite shake.  Plus a snotty nose.

And now, I think he's feeling better.  He has a bad diaper rash, which is unfortunate, but otherwise, he's A-OK.  I'm just hoping that some Triple Paste, warm baths, and nakedness will solve that particular problem.

He did have a night of vomiting on Wednesday, but I think that was because he found an old bottle under the couch and took a swig before I got to him.  


I've fallen off the blogging wagon lately, and I think part of it was just me feeling tired of having sick kids.  

The vomiting night was particularly discouraging because I had just done some thinking and planning for the new year, and when he started throwing up again, I thought - it doesn't matter what I plan, someone is always going to be sick and I'm never going to get to do what I want to do.

Sometimes I'm a selfish jerk.  And whiny.  (Maybe that's where the kids get it from).

I am learning ... and if I knew how to write what I'm learning, I would do it.  You'll just have to trust that God is working on me and I am doing my best to listen to Him.  

To end with a little bit of happy, here's a couple quick pictures of a boy who has an older sister (I'm sure I'll have pictures of him in a tutu one of these days - I think it's unavoidable, since Corrie thinks he's her own live dress up doll) ...

... and his sister on her way to ballet class.  How grown up does she look?  She can't possibly be going to kindergarten next year.  I'm not ready.

There.  That feels better.  Sweet kids.  Mostly healthy.  And more blogging to come.  :)

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  1. You are one of the BEST examples I have of a great mother, don't be hard on yourself for a bad moment that can happen to every/anyone. I know too many people that could use half your parenting skills. You LOVE your kids & are very attentive to them, and I look up to that. Hope things get better & sicknesses go away. Have a great week! :)